No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.

– Lin Yutang


Global Travel & Tours, is serving clients worldwide.  We are located in Toronto, Ontario.  We pride ourselves on furnishing quality service and advice that continue beyond the sale.  We are never more than a phone call (or email) away to provide clients with travel assistance at any time, no matter where they may travel on the globe.  We are your Travel Consultant before, during, and after the sale; we stand behind what we sell.  Our motto is to.

  • Design and arrange your travel per your interests and budget
  • Offer competitive pricing using reputable suppliers
  • Provide answers (and advice) to your travel questions
  • Support your travel needs before and after the sale
  • Make you aware that your satisfaction is important to us

Talk to Us: 905.275.3555


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Kamran Rashid
President Phone:416.858.6319

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Tassaduq Imran
Managing Partner Phone:905.275.3555

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Sales Agent Phone:905.275.3555

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Consultant Phone:905.275.3555

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